About Me

Hello, I’m Marnie Jazwicki. One of my least favourite things, is writing a Bio about myself. When I set up shop in 1988, I had no idea about the longevity of my career in Photography. Little did I know that 32 years later I would have photographed every genre, every situation, every weather challenge many times over. So invariably when a new client asks me if I can photograph Food, Industrial imagery, People, or have I ever shot out of a helicopter with the door off, I can with confidence say yes. I believe the key to my longevity is two fold; one how do I make the person in front of me love their image on my computer, and feel great about the experience, and two, how can I craft a scene with my past knowledge and skill to keep me challenged and interested in providing the best imagery that is both current and provocative. My daily mantra is, how may I push myself to not only create imagery that excites me, but serves the needs of my clients in a way that excites them as well.